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Civic Forum for Sustainable Development (Civic Forum) is one of the leading members based Nepalese non-governmental organization (NGO) based at the Kavrepalanchok district of Bagamati Province. It is a pioneer, an autonomous, non-profit making, non-racial and non-political, non-governmental organization established with the prime aim of contributing to environment friendly sustainable development. Civic Forum was registered in 2004 (Registration Number 785/2060/61) in accorda[...]

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Access to Safe drinking water and Sanitation is known to have significant beneficial impact on the health of the children in the school and community both. Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation are the basic right of the every citizen.

Chaunrideurali is one of the rural municipalities of Kavrepalanchok district, which is located 80 km east of Kathmandu in a rural setting have low access to the healthy WASH environment due to the lack of th[...]



Safer Migration (SaMi) Program is a bilateral initiative between the Government of Nepal and the Government of Switzerland. It is implemented by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security and 4 participating local governments (Dhulikhel, Mandandeupur Municipalities and Bhumlu, Roshi Rural Municipalities) of Kavrepalanchok district, Bagamati Province. Helvetas Nepal provides technical assistance to the program on behalf of the Sw[...]

Volunteer and Internships

Civic Forum welcomes both national and international volunteers to take part in internships in order to develop their practical skills whilst producing work that is valuable to the organization.

Clean water and sanitization

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Local needs

We engage local NGOs to identify the needs of the local communities. Together with the Nepalese youth we develop solutions that address these needs.

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