Code of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Ethics for Civic Forum Executive Committee (EC), Members, Staffs and Volunteers

  • The executive committee (EC), members, personnel and volunteers of the organization shall be mobilized in social development and volunteering works with utmost priority.
  • We shall promote universal norms and humanitarian values irrespective of politics, religions, culture, creed, race, class, language, gender, caste and ethnicity.
  • The executive committee (EC), members, staffs and volunteers of the organization shall not perform any works that violate human rights, basic principles of democracy, social justice and universal humanitarian and democratic norms and values.
  • We shall neither be influenced by any political parties and leaders nor remain biased against any political parties. Furthermore, we shall not involve in any activities of political parties.
  • We shall not discriminate any category of people in mobilization, providing opportunities and distribution of internal and external resources and benefit sharing.
  • The executive committee (EC), members, staffs and volunteers of the organization shall be mobilized rescue, disaster management and relief material distributions in emergencies thereby mobilizing the internal resources as far as practicable.
  • We shall remain committed for increased access of general public to open and transparent information.
  • We shall previously warn for those performing elicit and illegal works in the organization and we shall remain committed taking immediate actions for those repeating the same despite of the admonition.
  • We shall adopt the principles of affirmative actions and positive discrimination while selecting and recruiting the staff and volunteers with emphasis to deprived, disadvantaged and marginalized groups of people such as women, people with disabilities, Dalits, Janajatis and ultra-poor in the organization.
  • Any members of the executive committee, staffs and volunteers shall not be eligible for misusing resources of the organization for their personal benefits.
  • We shall strictly follow and enact the “Zero-tolerance” policy against deceive, corruption, bad and immoral behaviors in the organization.
  • The executive committee (EC), general members, staffs and volunteers shall not disclose any secret information and confidentiality to others irrelevant to others.
  • We shall accept any financial grants and supports from individuals, organizations and donors as per the objectives, principles and prevalent laws of the country.
  • The executive committee (EC), general members, staffs and volunteers of the organization are not eligible to misuse and damage the properties and assets of the organization as per their personal interest.
  • Any sorts of violence, harassment, abduction and threats to our executive committee (EC), general members, staffs and volunteers will not be tolerable to us.
  • We shall be committed and sensitive towards protecting and promoting the environment, sustainable development and climate change adaptation (CCA).
  • We shall maintain transparency and accountability towards our actions thereby organizing public hearing, social and public auditing events for general public and beneficiaries.
Volunteer and Internships

Civic Forum welcomes both national and international volunteers to take part in internships in order to develop their practical skills whilst producing work that is valuable to the organization.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean Water and Sanitation is the main thematic area of Civic Forum's current strategic plan. We are determined to making clean water and sanitation accessible to all.

Local Needs

We engage with the locals to identify the challenges and needs of the communities. Together with them we then develop solutions that address these needs and challenges.

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