Trail Bridge Sub Sector Program (TBSSP), Kavrepalanchok District

Trail Bridge Sub Sector Program (TBSSP), Kavrepalanchok District

Project Summary:


Nepal has not been able to connect all the villages and settlements with the road network. Access Trails are a very important and reliable means of transportation for the residents of rural areas. Trail bridges are being constructed as a safe way to cross rivers and streams falling on the access trails. In the construction of trail bridges in Nepal, the support of the Nepalese government, local bodies, communities and various friendly countries and donor organizations is continuously being received. Since the programs are conducted differently from the different assistances of various friendly countries and donor organizations, the expected results have not been achieved. Therefore, realizing the need to maintain coordination and uniformity between the Government of Nepal, local bodies and donor organizations, it has been agreed between the Government of Nepal and the donor organizations to implement the policy and program management process of the Government of Nepal in the field of rural transport infrastructure and to conduct the program under the leadership of the Government of Nepal.

The trail bridge program has been fully operated as a publicized program and the plan, construction and operation of the trail bridge is done through local bodies and the benefited community. For the implementation of the trail bridge program, the trail bridge strategy 2062 and technical and social mobilization guidelines have been prepared and are being implemented. Since the necessary strategy, direction, standards, norms, etc. are ready in order to operate the trail bridge program as a regional program, the Government of Nepal has decided to operate the trail bridge program as a regional program from fiscal year 2066-67.


S.NO. Bridge Name Address River Name Bridge Length Households Beneficiary population
Dalit Janajati B/C/T Total
1 Sajen Duti Still Truss Bridge Chaurideurali RM Baphal Khola 24 165 105 908 770 1783
2 Chanaute Badhabesi Trail Bridge Chaurideurali RM Chauri Khola 83.1 254 55 523 1513 2091
3 Dobhan Khola Still Truss Bridge Dhulikhel Municipality Dhulikhel Khola 32 400 55 633 1513 2201
4 Chamare Khola Still Truss Bridge Dhulikhel Municipality Chamare Khola 24 879 314 1733 2789 4836
5 Thulikhet Trail Bridge Bhumlu RM Khahare Khola 85.1 640 825 1733 963 3521
6 Kharaneghat Still Truss Bridge Panchkhal Municipality Jhinku Khola 24 1008 358 2393 2833 5584
7 Kameredovan Trail Bridge Khanikhola RM Narayan Khola 51 216 97 1018 78 1193
8 Dharne Khola Trail Bridge Khanikhola RM Dharne Khola 61 210 0 1155 0 1155
9 Katunjebeshi (Tallo Bazar) Trail Bridge Roshi RM Roshi Khola 66 852 248 3163 1276 4687
10 Khahare Khola Dovan Trail Bridge Panchkhal Municipality Jhinku Khola 54 462 287 1925 331 2543
Total 504.2 5086 2344 15184 12066 29594


  • To ensure the easy access of transportation to local people through the construction of trail bridges and generation of Local employment during construction of trail bridges.
Expected Results:
Nepali citizens use trail bridges to have safe and equitable access to basic services and employment opportunities.
Government at all levels (federal, province, palikas) implement Trail Bridge Strategy to construct and maintain trail bridges equitably.
Private sector engages in effective delivery of good quality trail bridges.

Major Achievements

Date Title
From October 1, 2018 to present date In Kavrepalanchok district, the construction of the following trail bridges have been completed with the technical and social organizational support for the user committee in the construction of trail bridges

Project information

  • Geographic coverage 7 Local levels of Kavrepalanchok District
  • Project duration 74 moths (1st October, 2018 to 31st December, 2025)
  • Budget NGO service charge 6 percent of total cost per bridge construction
  • Funding partner's R/Municipalities
  • Target groups Local people who have to travel for more than an hour to cross the river and have difficulty moving to markets, basic services (health, schools, administrative service centers, etc.) social and cultural centers due to the river.
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