COVID-19 Response Initiation in Kavrepalanchok District

COVID-19 Response Initiation in Kavrepalanchok District

  • To address the problem seen due to scarcity of health safety items in health care facilities of both urban and rural areas of Kavrepalanchok district causing increased risk to health workers, patients and community people by providing support of life saving materials to the health care facilities. Also, providing soap and mask to 1220 vulnerable households of Chaurideurali RM added value to address the risk seen in the community.
  • To address the problem of hand washing in the health care facilities by providing and installing contact less / feet operated hand washing stations with proper orientation and follow up on it.
  • To support Local Government to manage second wave of COVID-19 and the probable third wave by raising awareness through awareness promoter in key locations of Banepa and Dhulikhel, playing radio jingle in a district level FM radio, mic announcing on the covid-19 messages and organizing Chlorine Solution Making Training at Chaurideurali RM.
Key Activities:
  • Support target health institutions and health workers with immediate life-saving health and hygiene related materials.
  • Support target schools with hygiene materials in Chaurideurali RM.
  • Support target vulnerable communities with hygiene materials in Chaurideurali RM.
  • Support partner staff with COVID-19 hygiene kits for safety.
  • Install inclusive contactless handwashing stations in target health institutions of the district.
  • Install inclusive contactless handwashing stations in market areas of urban locations in Dhulikhel and Banepa (With Hand Hygiene Promotion and Public Awareness).
  • Install inclusive contactless handwashing stations in target schools of Chaurideurali RM.
  • Follow-up technical support to keep existing handwashing stations running and functional (supported earlier in Bhumlu and Chaurideurali RMs).
  • COVID-19 related jingles disseminated through district level FM(s) in Kavrepalanchok.
  • Miking in focus and vulnerable communities in Chaurideurali RM.
  • Training on cholrine solutions preparation for disinfection of school premises for re-opening.

Mejor Achievements:

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Project information

  • Geographic coverage Dhulikhel, Banepa, Mandandeupur, Namobuddha Municipalities and Chaurideurali, Bhumlu, Roshi, Khanikhola, Mahabharat Rural Municipalities of Kavrepalanchok
  • Project duration 4 months (26th July to 25th November, 2021)
  • Budget NPR. 5,313,170
  • Funding partner's WaterAid Nepal (WAN)
  • Target groups Health institutions and health workers including vulnerable communities, partner staff and schools students
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