Executive Board

Executive Board

1. Name: Mr. Daya Sagar Tamang

Designation: Chairperson

Tel: 011-490744; Cell: 9841109330

Email: chairperson@civicforum.org.np

2. Name: Ms. Aarati Sundas

Designation: Vice Chairperson

Tel: 011-490744; Cell: 9860371364

Email: aaratisundas5349@gmail.com

3. Name: Mrs. Sita Kumari Tamang

Designation: Secretary

Tel: 011-490744; Cell: 9841100059

Email: lama09seeta@gmail.com

4. Name: Mr. Kshetra Bahadur Muktan

Designation: Treasurer

Tel: 011-490744; Cell: 9851003829

Email: kshetramoktan12@gmail.com

5. Name: Ms. Karuna Shrestha

Designation: Member

Tel: 011-490744; Cell: 9860820307

Email: sthkaru33@gmail.com

6. Name: Mr. Navin Rana Magar

Designation: Member

Tel: 011-490744; Cell: 9843883427

Email: rananvn27@gmail.com

7. Name: Mr. Tek Bahadur Majhi

Designation: Member

Tel: 011-490744; Cell: 9864237687

Email: tekmajhi1989@gmail.com

Volunteer and Internships

Civic Forum welcomes both national and international volunteers to take part in internships in order to develop their practical skills whilst producing work that is valuable to the organization.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean Water and Sanitation is the main thematic area of Civic Forum's current strategic plan. We are determined to making clean water and sanitation accessible to all.

Local Needs

We engage with the locals to identify the challenges and needs of the communities. Together with them we then develop solutions that address these needs and challenges.

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