Improvement of WASH facilities in selected Health Posts and Outpatient Therapeutic Posts in Kavre District.

Improvement of WASH facilities in selected Health Posts and Outpatient Therapeutic Posts in Kavre District.

Key Activities:
  • Need Assessment.
  • Technical Survey with Cost Estimation.
  • Selection of Vendors, and agreement with service providers.
  • Transportation of Materials and Equipments.
  • Repair, Rehab or Construct WASH facilities in Health Posts/ OTPs.
  • Supply of Toilet cleaning materials for HPs/ OTPs.
  • Connect from nearest water source or improve Water Supplies at HPs/ OTPs.
  • Monitoring of the program-by-Program Coordinator (PC), Field Coordinator Technical (FCT), Community Mobilizers (CM), Executive Committee (EC), district level stakeholders and UNICEF Nepal.
  • This program is aimed at repair and reconstruct of WASH facility in 25 Health Posts in Kavre district. The program includes permanent toilets with hands washing facilities and water supply system management in health facilities.

Major Achievements:

Date Title
Completed 26 Health Posts and Outpatient Therapeutic Posts (HPs/OTPs) Improvement of WASH facilities.
Accomplished the following scheme: 4 New toilet constriction, 8 Toilet repairing, 9 Bathroom construction, 22 Water tank (Hilltake), 6 Water stands, 4 Intake construction, 5 Reservoir water tank construction, 1 Reservoir water tank repair, 6430 Meter drinking water pipes, 72 Meter GI pipe, 30 Meter rubber pipe. 48 Sink/basin installations, 1 Well construction, 2 Water lifting pumps, 3 Plumbing repairing, 20 New plumbing, 380 Meter water lifting electric wire, 2 Soak pits conservation and 1 Water filter support.
Supply of toilet cleaning materials for HPs/ OTPs. Soaps 300 pcs, Bucket 15 Ltr 50 pcs, Mug 50 pcs, Brush 50 pcs, Towel 50 pcs and Harpic 100 bottle.
According to the data collected through the HPs/OTPs, improved WASH facilities beneficiaries are 124140 people; 55372 female, 49933 male and 18835 children in the catchment area.
Our target was to improve the programme activities in 25 HPs/OTPs; however, the organization shared some cost of implementation of the programme activities and thereby was able to improve it in 26 HPs/OTPs.

Project information

  • Project duration 4.5 months (February, 15-June 30, 2016).
  • Project Location Kavrepalanchok, District.
  • Funding partner's UNICEF Nepal.
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