Conservation Education and Communication Project (CECP)

Conservation Education and Communication Project (CECP)

Key Activities:
  • Workshop on community-based wildlife conservation.
  • Activities for school based eco clubs.
  • Non formal adult education on wildlife conservation.
  • Environmental Awareness and Extension Programs.
  • Educational materials printing and distribution.
  • Preparation of the conservation video clip.
  • Final report preparation and dissemination.


  • To provide individuals and communities with a basic knowledge and understanding of the environment, the biodiversity and their interrelationship with humans.
  • To promote awareness and a sensibility in individuals and communities about the environment, the biodiversity and its problems.
  • To encourage individuals and communities to value the environment and consider it important in order to inspire participation in the process of improving and protecting the environment for the betterment of their own livelihoods.
  • To provide people with skills to identify, predict, prevent and solve environmental problems and to make them capable of utilizing limited resources in a sustainable way and of coping with unexpected vulnerabilities.
  • To provide individuals and communities with the opportunities to actively participate in solving environmental problems and to make educated decisions about biodiversity conservation.

Major Achievements:

Date Title
5 days community based wildlife conservation workshop conducted.
Total participation 40 peoples, 25 female and 15 male.
15 Eco Clubs formation.
5 School based nursery established.
2 Wildlife conservation non formal adult education 4 months class established and conduction completed.
Five times showing of audio visual program environmental awareness and extension.
Street theatre program five time shows.
1200 copies environment conservation hand book printing and distribution.
2000 pieces educational posters printing and distribution.
3000 pieces educational stickers printing and distribution.

Project information

  • Project duration 12 months (April, 2012-March, 2013)
  • Project Location 3 VDCs (Banakhu, Phoksingtar and Ghartichhap) of Kavrepalanchok, district.
  • Funding partner's Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF), JAPAN
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