Water Safety Plan (WSP) training for WSUC

Water Safety Plan (WSP) training for WSUC

  • Water Safety Plan (WSP) training provide to Water and Sanitation User Committee (WSUC) member for long-term sustainability and personalize the water supply scheme of Roshi RM.
Key Activities:
  • Program agreement.
  • Coordination with ward office and training participants.
  • Purchase and management of materials required for the training.
  • Organized 3 days WSP training for WSUC member.
  • Preparation and submission of report.

Roshi Rural Municipality

Date Title
Conduction of 3 days Water Safety Plan (WSP) training for 13 members of Darimbot Water and Sanitation User Committee (WSUC) of Roshi Rural Municipality ward no.7, Kavrepalanchok.

Project information

  • Project duration 37 days (31st May, 2020-6th July, 2020)
  • Project Location Roshi RM, Ward No.7
  • Funding partner's Roshi Rural Municipality
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