Shelters for 50 Earthquake (EQ) Survivors in Nepal

Shelters for 50 Earthquake (EQ) Survivors in Nepal

Key Activities:
  • Submission of the project proposal in global giving foundation.
  • Mobilization and request of donation to interest individual donors.
  • Receiving of the collection aid.
  • Purchase of the Coagulated Galvanized Iron (CGI) sheet.
  • Handing over of the CGI sheet for earthquake survivors.
  • Support for temporary shelter construction.
  • Submission of program report.
  • To shelter construction support for the earthquake survivors.

Major Achievements:

Date Title
Coagulated Galvanized Iron (CGI) sheet support to 50 households which were fully damaged by earthquake.

Project information

  • Project duration 3 months (January, 01-March 31, 2016)
  • Project Location Kavrepalanchok, district
  • Funding partner's Global Giving Foundation, Washington DC, USA
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Clean water and sanitization

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Local needs

We engage local NGOs to identify the needs of the local communities. Together with the Nepalese youth we develop solutions that address these needs.

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