Post Bridge Building Assessment (PBBA)

Post Bridge Building Assessment (PBBA)

Key Activities:
  • Coordination with bridge maintenance committee.
  • Traffic count of the bridges.
  • Household questionnaires filled up.
  • Interviewed with bridge maintains committee (BMC).
  • Interviewed with school teachers.
  • Interviewed with heath post worker.
  • To assess the impact of Trail Bridge in bridge constructed area of Dolakha district.

Major Achievements:

Date Title
Traffic count of the 3 bridges.
20 Household questionnaires filled up.
Interviewed with 01 bridge maintains committee (BMC).
Interviewed with 01 school teachers.
Interviewed with 01 heath post worker.

Project information

  • Project duration 1.5 months (07 June-15 July, 2012)
  • Project Location KhaniKhola, KarmuKhola and Sittalighat Trail Bridge of Dolakha, district
  • Funding partner's Trail Bridge Support Unit (TBSU)
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